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Arklight Design is a french company dedicated to ultralight outdoor gear. We are the first users of the products we distribute.
We opened this shop to offer a complete range of products dedicated to lightweight sports Nature.

To offer you the best possible equipment and especially the most suited to your we sell, import and manufacture of equipment that meets our specifications.

All equipment is selected according to the criteria of lightness, comfort and safety. Simply because hiking and sports Nature should be fun.

ArkLight DESIGN was founded in 2009 and is directed by Pierre Dumay (also known via his pseudonym "Peyo") you can also find regularly and / forum

He is the one who proposed in 2005 the french acronym "MUL" (Walker Ultra Light). Acronym that is returned in the vocabulary of the hike and is used today on the forums, in the media and by some brands in France.

He also writes as a columnist in the magazine Notebooks Adventures

Pierre is also the creator of PRS alcohol stove, PAP and of course products ArkLight Design.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at [email protected]